…and then we begin the work.

First order of the day was the stinky rooms. The plan is:

  1. Wash down the walls and ceiling
  2. Tear out floor in the green room (old linoleum, which has probably absorbed a lot of the cigarette smell over the years)
  3. Paint walls, ceiling, trim and doors with Kilz to minimize the smell
  4. Paint walls and ceiling with matte white paint (so we don’t have to decide what color to paint right now)
  5. Paint the trim and doors with white gloss paint
  6. Scrub the wooden floor
  7. Put in some sort of flooring in the green back room

Here’s what washing the walls looked like:


That’s nicotine and tar and whatever else is a byproduct of cigarette smoke running down them as we washed. Blech.

Washing the walls and ceiling ended up taking 4 days. Seriously. 4.

Tearing out the flooring was relatively easy (except for that moment when the quarter round broke because the staple holding the floor down was under it… oops).

Painting? That took about 3 weeks. Shout outs to Tony and Sarah who helped.

Here’s the primed room…



And, pure white and clean at last:



So much better. Even when it was 90 degrees and we were upstairs with no air conditioning, it was totally worth it.



One thought on “…and then we begin the work.

  1. Hello! My name is Katy and I’m the social media coordinator for KILZ brand products. We are glad our primer helped cover the odors in your rooms. We would LOVE for you to share your experience by writing a review. Visit our review page, select the product used, rate and write a brief description and hit submit – it’s that simple! We appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

    Link to review page: http://www.kilz.com/primer/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=8ad359ff4f72d310VgnVCM100000176310acRCRD

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