Closing day tour (just 3 months later…. oops.)

So the first order of business after we closed was to go to Home Depot and start spending scads of money… actually, not entirely true. We went to lunch and stared at each other in disbelief first.

We did to back to the house after lunch, keys in our hot little hands, and explored. We discovered some kinda funny things…

Like the rug left in the entry way. We’d seen the rug on the walk-through, and thought they’d just left it to be nice. Ha.
The rug pad was put down incorrectly, and was permanently stuck to the floor. So, upside: we gained a rug. Downside, we get to spend hours scraping the floor to get the rug pad up. Yay?

The chandelier in the dining room became a little nubbin of a globe light. Magic! Actually, it was fine… The fixture was brass and not so attractive, so I didn’t cry too hard.

We found a couple of exciting things in the basement. First, an electrical box hidden in the back of one of the built-ins. Ruh-roh, Shaggy. 


And in a different built-in, this 1964 Western Electric phone – sweet!


We did have one nice surprise when we got to the kitchen, too:


It almost makes up for the 6 weeks of intermittent scraping to get the rug pad up off the floor. Almost.

So, ready for the closing-day tour? First, the outside, since I didn’t have any pictures of that from the inspection. Oh, look! Homeowners!


The side yard, featuring the grapevine that ate northwest Chicago and what we later discovered was an apple tree (or a rare hybrid tree that only produces 1 apple… hard to tell at this point).


The veggie garden is behind the grapevine, featuring 3 beds of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onions and celery.

garden1 garden2

The back of the house from the back yard (that’s the Dr. Suess tree on the right):


And here’s a couple of outdoor items on our To Do list:


The potting shed has to come down; it was badly built and has no foundation except a sheet of plywood. And then there’s this:


That’s the electrical meter, which is directly connected to the city electrical feed. If you are bored, or curious, or have a death wish, you can pry the front of the meter off with your fingers and electrocute yourself very nicely. You see why it made the list.

So. Back inside, to to the front door. This is what you see when you stand in the door way (nice rug, right?):


Note the top right corner… we’re calling it the Death Star. Want a closer look?


That sucker’s going on ebay – surely someone out there wants a mod 70’s string art light fixture.

Immediately to the right of the door is a big arch leading to the living room.


Where there’s a big bank of windows


And opposite those, another arch leading to the dining room (check out Dave’s stellar Chicago Cop Mustache… I know you’re jealous, girls):


Once in the dining room, there’s a bay with more glass block (someone *really* loved the glass block…) and the nubbin light.



Directly off the dining room is the first bedroom, which is pretty teeny. We’re planning to use it as a library rather than a bedroom, though.


From the dining room, a french door leads to the kitchen, which is eyeball-searing, screamin’ yellow.


Just inside the kitchen door, there’s a little baby hallway that leads to the pantry and the bathroom.


Behold, the coat closet. I mean pantry. (Why would you use a pantry as a coat closet??)


And the downstairs bath, which I just looooooooove. I should clarify. I love the tile. I do not love the toilet that must be cajoled into operation. Or the weird sink, which Dave calls “the pregnant woman sink” because it looks like a big belly and legs. (I didn’t ask for more insight on that, seemed best to just let it go.) I think down the road a bit we might replace it with a different sink; maybe a vintage one if we can find it.


Here’s a close up of the tile border. As you can see, the tile has been fairly abused; there’s something weird over the grout. It looks like caulk, but it’s not caulk… we can’t figure out what it is or why it was painted onto all the grout in the bathroom (and that is a LOT of grout). 


So, if you leave the little hallway and open the last door in the kitchen, you’ll find the mudroom:


And guess what’s under all that ugly tile? Kind of awesome original linoleum. Unfortunately, this was probably put down during the era of asbestos-filled floor coverings, so we’re going to have to leave it covered for now, and plan to have the professionals come and take it away.



Ok. Back to the front of the house and upstairs. But since this is getting long, I’m going to start that in another post…



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