Onward, and upward!

So. Heading back to the front of the house, let’s head upstairs. (oooh, look ANOTHER glass block window!)


Behold the peach-ness.


At the top of the stairs is the littlest bedroom, which we’ll probably use as a guest room (you know, once it has a heat source).


How do you like the indoor-outdoor carpeting over faux wood vinyl tiles? Don’t you want to come and stay in this gorgeous room?

Well, it’s better than this one:


Which doesn’t seem so bad, because you can’t smell it. Someone dedicated days of their life to smoking in this room. And it REEKS. As does this one, which adjoins it:


Luckly the stink is mostly contained in those two rooms. The bathroom is relatively new. Well. The tile is. The fixtures are probably from the 40’s; I think the toilet is draining Lake Michigan every time we flush. But everything is in working order, so we’re just going to go with it for now. A friend with a house of similar vintage mentioned that the diameter of the pipe under the toilet has changed since our homes were built, and when she went to have a plumber install a modern toilet, they couldn’t because it wouldn’t physically fit. So I think we’re going to stick with what we’ve got as long as it’s working, and in a few years, we’ll think about tearing up the bathroom and replacing plumbing and… ugh. Moving on.



And last but not least, the bedroom we’ll be sleeping in:




Which has some floor issues we plan to ignore as well…


See the phone line that they drilled through the floor to install? They are All. Over. The. House. I think they must have had a corded phone in every room, and some rooms had two or more. They also had cable lines coming through the walls all over the place. There’s  one in the dining room, 3 in the living room, and 1 that is in the front entry way. There are two in the yellow bedroom upstairs, too. We’re discovering more and more that makes us shake our heads in bewilderment.

Spike, however, seems to be totally fine with it all.



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