I’m Just Going to Remove the Loose Stuff.

Yeah. So this happened while Dave was raking leaves one day:


A+ for industriousness, epic fail for making husbands happy.

I really was just going to scrape a little loose paint off. It’s just that there was a lot of loose stuff, which happened to include a lot of plaster. And cement under the plaster. Also, it was really kind of fun. And hard to stop. It wasn’t until I started to clean up and noticed this…


that I realized I might be in some trouble.

After 3 coats of plaster, things are looking distinctly more wall-like… and happily, Dave is still speaking to me even though he wasn’t planning to work in the entry way until the library, bathroom and living room were done…


By the way. Do you like the new curtain in the window of the basement door (on the far right)? Minor miscalculation of size. Minor.


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