Oh yeah. We took the flooring out…

And then, after a couple of weeks (or possibly a couple of months), we thought that maybe we should do something about the fact that we ripped out the ancient, smelly linoleum from the smoker’s back room. And what was left was a lot of nail-spiked quarter round and raw wood subfloor.

Which is cool, but not really useful as flooring, because it’s the holey, knotty wood that isn’t supposed to be seen.

Speaking of cool, when I ripped up the lino in the closet, I found a giant piece of kraft paper under it. This sticker was affixed to one part –


So I guess we have a good idea of what they originally used for insulation up here. And that it originated in Minnesota, just like me.

The plan was to use some carpet tiles that we already had for those rooms. But we wanted to put a little something in between the wood and the carpet tiles. So we went to our favorite Home Depot and wandered around looking at our options. We came up with a felted, plastic-backed underlayment which would insulate a very little bit, close up the gaps between the boards, and allow us to lay down the carpet without too much shifting around.


Well. In theory. That’s the second roll, from the second trip to Home Depot. Math skills! They are useful. Not something I have in abundance, obviously, but they would come in handy. Especially since I didn’t think about the fact that I should double check how many carpet tiles I would need to complete the room.


The closet has carpet tiles, all cut to fit. The rest of the back room? Well… it’s still a work in progress.

p.s. Sorry for the fuzzy phone pictures; this was during the time when I didn’t actually know where my camera was. I did find it eventually…


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