The Death Star, and Other Chandeliers

I think I mentioned early on that when we bought the house, the light fixture in the front hallway was fairly unique. We call it the Death Star:


It’s a 70’s (maybe) masterpiece of smoked acrylic and fishing line string art.

I’m sure someone would be over the moon (ha) to have it, but it is just not our style. So it’s going up on ebay or the Apartment Therapy classifieds shortly.

Since we knew we weren’t keeping it, we had the electrician take it down when he looked at the wiring. He was kind enough to leave us an extra hole during the process, which you can see here.


Not quite the lighting I had in mind, but we were waiting on something kinda spectacular, thanks to my friend Brandy.

See, Brandy bought a place about a year ago, and although much of her place was in stellar shape, several of the fixtures were just not her style. So she offered them to us. And we jumped for joy, because they were pretty sweet in our eyes.

Here it is, straight from the ceiling:


Glorious, yes? And it’s getting cleaned up so it my grace our entryway. It’s going to class up the joint to no end.

Sadly, it can’t go up until we fix the hole and the damage done by yet another rogue smoke detector. The smoke detector was placed right on a curve in the plaster over the stairs (WHY??), so that’s going to take a little finessing.

But once it’s done… it is going to be awesome.

One of the smaller chandeliers that Brandy gifted us is going to live in the library (because libraries require a chandelier. Duh.). So here it is, after I took it apart to start cleaning it:


ooh, shiny!


and all back together again:


I debated replacing the “candles” with something else, but I kind of like their vintage creamy and gold color right now. I might change my mind once everything’s up in the library, but for now, I’m feeling quite pleased.

Psst… if you have old faux candles and want new ones, check out this site. They even have velvet ones. (!)


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