Speaking of the Library

There has been some progress in there… it is now wholly hole-less. (Say that 3 times fast, I dare you.) I don’t know about you, but I find that nearly miraculous.

So we started (and by we, I mean Dave) by filling the holes:



And it looked so good! You know, to have walls you can’t see into.

But then, Dave started to really look at the walls. And they were… a little dinged up. So he thought he’d just take care of the dings. (Remember when I was going to only remove the loose paint? Same scenario…)

So we ended up here:




And after 2 weeks of sanding, I think we are giving up on the ceiling. So we may have a slightly different look in there than originally planned.

Ready for more photoshop magic? I knew you would be. Here was the plan:

don't laugh.

Don’t laugh. Those are bookcases on the left. Really.

It’s not going to be that far from the plan, and we’re getting there. Slowly. We bought the paint, anyway. We also discovered that the ceiling is almost 2.5″ lower on one side of the room than the other. So that white band at the top, while cool, is probably just going to emphasize that fact rather than disguise it – so we’ve tossed that idea and we’re going to paint to the ceiling like normal people.

I like the idea of bringing a little gold into the room, so I have my eyes on some accents like these, although I haven’t actually bought anything just yet:


Accordion table and scallop table from Urban Outfitters, lamp from Target

We’ve bought the paint and the tinted primer, and we already have the bookshelves, chairs and rug (remember this? The photoshop one is just a placeholder). We’re a bit stuck at the moment due to another project, which I’ll post about later. But at least we’re seeing some progress, right?


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