For a Minute, We Had a House.

Only a minute, though.

Check it! It looks like a place where people live, not a construction/experimental plastering zone:



Mostly thanks to the use of clever camera angles.

Note that they don’t include this angle:


Remember when I mentioned that there was something slowing down work on the library? Well it started like this.


Just a little hole, due to the leaky shower pipe back in the fall. It had apparently been leaking for a while, and things were looking a little moldy up there. So we knew we had to pull it down… So first, we cleaned up all the plaster dust in the library. Then we moved all the dining room furniture in there and hung up some plastic sheeting to keep the dust as confined as possible.


Finally, we called my brother and rented a Sawz-all.

Tony wields the Sawz-all.

Tony wields the Sawz-all.

(FYI: the Sawz-all is Dave’s favorite tool in the whole world. I am a little surprised Tony got to use it. There may have been arm wrestling involved, although I don’t know because I was pretty much banned from the room.)

When I emerged from hiding, this is what the ceiling looked like:


We found where all the spiders live.


We also found that at some point, the bathroom directly above the center of the dining room had a leaky toilet or a bad wax ring. Which rotted out a section of the wood which held up the old drywall. doh. So we replaced the rotted wood, too. The spiders didn’t seem to mind much.

Spike had a tough day, staying out of the dining room.


Well. As you can tell by the paw prints, he mostly stayed out of the dining room.


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