Some Minor Kitchen Updates

While the rest of the construction has been going on, we’ve been tending to some little things in the kitchen at the same time.

You may have noticed that our kitchen radiator cover changed color. Sort of drastically. Pre-painting, it was dingy white, with pieces of a Polish-language Yellow Pages ad permanently adhered to the top.


Dave suggested a new color: red. I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but figured red had to be better than grungy white with chunks of cover stock… so off I went to the suburbs, where I proceeded to buy a large amount of red spray paint. (Can’t buy it in the city, but happily there is a Lowes about 3 feet from the city limits.)


There is some original info painted on the inside cover of the radiator cover, so I didn’t want to cover that with paint. Some sort of survivalist supply catalog had arrived that week, so it became my masking material.

radiator3 radiator2

I’m a little worried about the guy who used to live here… some of the selling points (ha) on those knives were a little scary.

You may also remember our giant random fridge, which lived in the corner of the kitchen:


I certainly do, because for 4 months we had wet food. That particular model apparently has a tendency to clog its own freezer drain with slime mold (ew ew ew), which then causes water to dump into the fridge. The space inside the fridge was also really inefficiently designed, so it didn’t hold very much but somehow always managed to be full. After finding our produce water-logged and rotting and pulling dripping milk cartons out of the fridge on a regular basis, we figured it might be cheaper in the long run to just replace the thing.

Behold, the stainless behemoth:


I’m not a huge fan of stainless, but I definitely didn’t want black, and the stove is a black/stainless combo… so here we are. After having it for a month or two now, I can say that keeping it clean is a giant pain in my butt. There are perpetually Spike nose prints all over the bottom, and suspiciously Dave-sized handprints all over the top.

We have also been on the hunt for a small table to put in the kitchen, and lo and behold, Craigslist turned up a doozy:


Complete with chrome hairpin legs. Like everything else in this house, it needs some work, but I love the red edges and the enameled top. (Notice that red radiator in the background? Not bad, eh?) The lady we bought it from was finishing clearing out her mother’s estate, and this was the table where she at all of her early childhood meals. It had lived in a basement for a couple of decades since then, so the chrome needs some love and it could stand a little work on the wooden base, which we will get to at some point. We just have to quit using it long enough to do that.

The chairs are temporary – they were left in the house when we closed, and they’ve come in handy. Once we figure out what kind of chairs we want, they may be relegated to the basement (or the alley…), but for now, they work just fine.


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