So, what else is new?

Not much, honestly. We’ve been flitting from one project to the next, without truly finishing anything. Which is starting to drive me quietly insane.

The insanity is mostly because the majority of our house looks like this:


That’s the library. You’ll notice the distinct lack of progress, primarily due to the dining room furniture living in there. Mostly, that is because the dining room now looks like this:


Which is in fact a slightly improved version of how it looked 3 weeks ago. Nothing else is different. When the drywall guys arrived to install the new drywall, they had some disappointing news. The cuts Dave and Tony made were not suitable. Nor was the drywall that we had on hand. So we went back to our friends at the Crafty Beaver (no, really, that’s the store name – and they are awesome.) and rented the Sawz-all yet again. Hopefully this will answer. Now we just have to go to Home Depot for thicker drywall sheets and a short-term truck rental and we should be ready for another go.

My office of shame looks something like this:


Isn’t that an inviting place to work? There’s more…


See that slightly off white part, the area that mostly looks like a gross water stain? It’s actually plaster that’s not quite dry. (The hole at the bottom, incidentally, is the plumbing access for the upstairs bathroom, on the other side of that wall. You can currently drop a parachute man into the dining room from here, should the need arise.)

I’ve been a plastering fool lately – between that wall, the downstairs bathroom (sooooo close to done with plaster in there), and the upstairs bath.

Here’s the downstairs –  it’s actually starting to look like a working bathroom again, instead of a construction zone. Well, until you turn your head/walk into the room, anyway.



I still have my sights set on that awful fluorescent fixture over the mirror, and the sink. But at least the walls and ceiling no longer have holes. So that’s a bonus.

And here’s the upstairs bath:


It’s just a little patch; the big holes are still in there where the fan was installed and the electrical work was done above the toilet. But just getting that tiny bit done does make me feel a little better, since I stare at it every. single. time. that I get in the shower.



Finally. I was beginning to think we’d somehow landed in that Twilight Zone episode where the Earth is moving away from the sun.

But low and behold, green things are appearing in the yard:



Tulips! who knew?

There’s  random assortment of daffodils coming up, too, just to the right of the shot above.

I’m not convinced that the Dr. Seuss Tree is going to make it, though – it was a really hard winter, and it’s looking… less than lively, compared to the rest of the yard.



There is a random assortment of grasses, which is encouraging.


And more tulips popping up:


Plus we’ve cleared out all of the construction trash left when we took down the potting shed, so we are no longer bringing down the tone of the block. (Much to the relief of all the neighbors.) Now we just need to go over the yard with a fine-tooth comb to make sure we have all the glass picked up. That should be fun. (ha.)

But at least things are growing, and the weather’s getting better.

Plan of attack for this year is to put in a vegetable garden in the raised beds, and just watch the rest of the yard to see what comes up/survived the winter (and our total inattention for most of the fall last year). So far, we’ve got buds on both the lilac and the apple tree, and the holly seems to be coming back. There is some sort of voracious tree species that is determined to make ours a wooded lot, so we’ve been doing a lot of digging those up. (I like a tree, truly, but I don’t need 42 of them!)

Inside, I’ve started the tomatoes and the thyme, with surprising results:



They seem to be thriving – this image is actually from a couple of weeks ago – there are about 40+ tomato plants now, all about 3-4″ tall. Yay! The thyme is soooo tiny that I’m just hoping it will actually yield a useable amount by the end of summer. At this rate, we’ll be lucky to get a tablespoon out of them.

I’m tentatively planning to plant the seedlings and the rest of the veggie seeds in the 3rd week of May – we should be well past frost (knock on wood) at that point. We’ll see. You can’t really trust Chicago weather in the spring… or the fall. Or the summer…. oh, nevermind.