What we did on our summer vacation, part 1

We slowed our pace a little over the summer; after almost a year, we’re getting tired of the constant projects. (Not that the list of projects is getting any shorter, mind you…) But here’s a few shots of summer at Lelandhouse.

First up for summer was moving the master bedroom from the front of the house to the back room. We’ve been calling it the white bedroom, because once we scrubbed, primed, and painted the room white, nothing else happened in there. It’s much better situated for a window air conditioner than the front room (where it would be directly over our heads), so I wanted to be in there in plenty of time before the real heat of summer hit. Little did I know that this summer would be a surprisingly pleasant, cool one!

So, I was using the white bedroom as my sort-of office/storage room:


This was because it still had holes in the walls from both the plumbing incident that lead to the the dining room ceiling debacle and holes from the electrician (cleverly hidden from view by 50 tons of crap, above).

So first order of business was to move all that…. stuff. We’ll call it stuff… to the smallest bedroom, and set up my desk space in there. Because once the yellow bedroom was empty(ish), we would begin working on the plaster in that room. So, stage two:


This is just the beginning; the boxes now completely block the window, and I have about 6 square feet of space to get to the desk.

Once we got the boxes out, the white bedroom got much bigger. Or at least easier to work in:


It took about a month of plastering and sanding and plastering and sanding and plastering and sanding to get the room in shape. I have pictures of some of the process, but it mostly looks like you’re staring at a slightly lumpy white wall. Not so exciting. So let’s go to the exciting part: moving in the furniture and hanging the beside lights:


Much better, yes?

About a month after we moved ourselves into the white bedroom, we figured we should probably finish up the flooring in the dressing room, which is through the doorway at the far right of the above image. There had been a slight issue with math, as you may recall. (i.e. I do not excel at math, and had made a slight miscalculation in the number of carpet tiles we had on hand vs what we actually needed). Ebay to the rescue, with some Shaw carpet tiles that blend in with the ones we already had. So we went from this (please pardon fuzzy cell phone photo):


to this:


muuuuuch better. There’s more in there now, but I don’t think I’ve taken any pictures of it yet. This is where I do all the ironing and hang clothes to dry, ostensibly so it’s easy to put them away once ironed/dried. ha. Well, it’s a theory, anyway.



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