What we did on our summer vacation, part 2

We did have some fun. For example, we purchased about 1/3 of a pig, and together with friends, got to watch it be butchered to our specifications.  (Shout out to Paulie’s Pasture and Butcher and Larder for raising and butchering some seriously delicious pig.)

(Vegetarians, avert your eyes)


So this brings us to late May/early June, when we started working on the downstairs bathroom. We’d been going back and forth forever trying to decide on what color to paint the walls. We had been thinking a light green, to match some of the detail in the decorative border tiles, but it’s a really tricky color and nothing we could find was quite right. We probably could have had something mixed at Sherwin Williams based on a Pantone swatch, but honestly, we finally admitted that it actually looked pretty good with white. Aaaaaand we happen to have a *lot* of white paint. Like 4+ gallons. So white it would be.

First, we had to do some destruction. Because: florescent light over the sink. WHO DOES THAT?


The window and woodwork around it were trashed, too, so those would at the very least need to be sanded and painted to prevent further damage. At this point, we’re going for cosmetic updates in here, because down the line most of this will have to be ripped out and replaced (sob). (Well, not sob about the sink. That thing’s ugly. We call it the pregnant sink, because in profile it looks like the bottom half of a pregnant belly with legs.)

First order of business was to patch the holes left by the electrician, make some new exciting holes where that fixture over the sink is, and rip out the caulk (because it was GROSS. And it didn’t seal anymore, but mostly it was gross).

Caulk removal still life:


And here’s the sink area without the stupid light fixture, after Dave patched the original location and moved the wiring up and  centered over the medicine cabinet:


We wanted something simple and inexpensive to replace the light fixture over the sink, but after weeks of searching, we still hadn’t found anything that we both liked. So when we stumbled on this at the Habitat ReStore, I thought I could make it work:


Do you see the price tag? $3. Seriously. At that price, I was willing to experiment. So we picked up a couple of globes that were kind of cool looking and figured if nothing else, this $5 placeholder (well, $15 if you count the paint) would tide us over until we found something we liked better.

Here’s how the whole thing came out:


The globes look really brown here, for some reason. But they’re actually just a little creamier than the rest of the fixture.


And there’s the new fan in the ceiling, and freshly painted window which looks about 1000% better than it did. We took out the shower head, you’ll notice, since we don’t use the bath/shower down here. The fixtures for turning on the shower/bath water have seen better days, too, and we may replace those. It will have to wait until we hire the plumber to install this beauty, though, which we picked up at a demolition warehouse sale:


It’s a vintage Kohler sink, complete with original Delta faucet and spigots. We’re looking for some sink legs to make sure it will be totally stable (read: I can’t accidentally pull it off the wall while leaning on it). Sink legs are surprisingly expensive, though. (Seriously. Google chrome sink legs. It’s kinda nuts.) We might go a diy route with the legs, as well. Still considering our options, since we’ve slated the plumber/sink for after the new year, and we’ve got some time.

I still haven’t found the outlet cover for next to the sink. We might have to just go buy one of those, because it’s been MIA for a couple of months. How do you lose an outlet cover??


2 thoughts on “What we did on our summer vacation, part 2

  1. You sure have been busy, even if you’re slowing down. Look like you’ve found some cool stuff too! And, don’t worry, you will never see the end of the “to do” list! Love to both you and Dave. Auntie Cini

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