What we did on our summer vacation, part 3

So. June/July. Not a lot happened, housewise. We were busy having fun. Thanks to anniversary presents, we bought some outdoor furniture, and subsequently spent a lot of time outdoors.

We did a little improvement out front, taking out the weird, giant root that was right in front of the house, with a little impromptu help from the neighbors:


Turns out it was a giant hunk of cedar root. That must have been some tree.

I took off on a solo trip to Two Rivers, Wisconsin, to take a class in letterpress printing at the Hamilton Type Museum. I stayed at a B&B that’s about the same vintage as our house, so I spent some time inspecting their plaster and woodwork. (verdict: their woodwork was in better shape, but the plaster was comparably cracked.)


From my class – playing with wood type and experimenting with gradient ink


When I got home, Karl came to visit. He and Dave fenced in the garden (not that it helped. Total harvest: 3 zucchini, 0 tomatoes. I officially hate squirrels.)


And Spike and I spent lots of weekend mornings sipping coffee and enjoying a little early morning sun on the deck.


We had a brunch with friends on a perfect sunny day:


And Tony and I took a day off to go to Milwaukee and see a Kandinsky exhibition up there. (Although this is actually a (fuzzy) Calder mobile.)


And all summer long we were surprised at what came out of the ground, like these grand purple irises:


You can see why we didn’t get much done inside.


2 thoughts on “What we did on our summer vacation, part 3

    • Iceland was amaaaaazing. I loved it there. Danielle, Carrie and I met Danielle’s brother Brett there, and we spent 5 days. There were a couple of day trips included in our package, so we got to try a thermal steam bath, saw 2 huge waterfalls, went to a park with thermal geysers, climbed a glacier (!), went to a folk museum… it was a fantastic trip. I want to go back!

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