Dining room – good lord, it’s all coming together

At long, long last – I am happy to report that we have a real dining room, with a ceiling and everything. Here’s the story in pictures (because who wants to read?):

First there was priming and ceiling painting. Dave was not amused.



Doesn’t it look so fresh and clean?


So 2 coats of primer and a freshly painted ceiling later, this happened. It’s sort of a greenish-gray-beigey color. It’s a weird color. But it works. And look! A lighting fixture!

dr_process_almost2 dr_prep_almostdone

So finally, we got to take the furniture out of the library and put it where it belonged…


Even Spike approved.


And we got it all done in time for a dinner party the first weekend in December, when it looked like we lived in a real house and not a construction site:

dr_dinnerpty1214_2 dr_dinnerpty1214_3

(Do you like the very sophisticated trash barricade system in the kitchen, next to the fridge? Beagle + trash = creative if not the prettiest solution. We used to have a stainless steel pedal trash bin, but he figured out how to open it. Despite his best efforts to play dumb, we are on to him.)


So that puts the dining room at about 85% done. We still want to refinish and hang a shelf under the glass block window, and of course there is nothing hanging on the walls anywhere in the house, which should probably be addressed at some point. But it’s a nice change to have a room that feels pretty finished for once.