Dining Room Saga, Pt. XXIII@$()W)($

The dining room has been a source of extreme frustration. Not going to lie. (Well, I probably couldn’t lie if I wanted to, come to think of it.)

We went from this:


To this uneven mess:


You can’t really tell in this photo, but the drywall closest to the windows in the center actually hangs about 1/2″ below the rest. It was really bad. We lived like this for about 4 months, because although we contacted the original contractor about fixing it, he declined to respond. Then it was August (birthday!!) and not much got done. We interviewed drywall guys in early September, and chose one to hire, but he was going out of town and couldn’t start until the end of the month. Which was fine; I mean, at this point we hadn’t had a dining room ceiling since what, February?

But when he was done… I might be a little in love with the drywall man. Actually, he’s a handy man, and I think we’ll be hiring him again before too long. But I digress. Behold:


Perfect, smooth ceiling. Glorious.


What we did on our summer vacation, part 4

Last part. I think. We’re in August, which is the best month because that is my birthday month. Best. Month.

So what did we do in August? Not a whole lot (sensing a theme here?). It finally got a little warmer in August (although nothing like normal), so we slowed down on work upstairs, and started planning work for the fall. We got quotes from drywallers, had the gutters cleaned, started looking for arborists, and spent a week celebrating my birthday.

Here we are on our way to Cedar Point (or maybe Put-in-Bay), where Sarah and I jointly celebrated turning an undisclosed number:


There was also one last trip to Hot Doug’s.



But in terms of the house, this was probably the most exciting thing:



We are awningless! At least in the front. The one over the back door is staying, since it’s nice to have when you’re coming in that way in the rain. But the amount of difference it makes in the living room is astounding. It is sooooo much brighter in there. Sadly that means you can really see all the cracks in the walls. But that’s a project for the winter.

Electricity becomes surprisingly sexy.

InĀ  early September we hired a team of electricians to overhaul the electrical wiring in the house. The inspector’s report had turned up several things that were eyebrow-raising at best, and downright dangerous at the worst.

Rather than trying to live in a space that had electricians working in it, we thought it best to have them come in before we moved in. Turns out that was probably a good thought. We probably also should have pushed our move-in date back another week or two or three (since they finished around 6pm the night before the movers came), but live and learn, right?

Basically, the electricians took our wiring from this:



to this:


So now the house will not burn down. At least from the wiring. And that is my new definition of sexy. (Do you think I might be breathing too many paint fumes?)

They also replaced the death-trap box outside, but I forgot to take a picture before we got 1,300,400,568 inches of snow, so you’ll have to use your imagination on that one. At least for now.